Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art(IPTA) (website)

The Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art began to enroll new students in 2018. Revolving around techno art, its curriculum mapping covers introductory courses on techno art, advanced courses, thematic creation, and graduation projects. Students can choose a specialized field and receive a B.A.S. degree (Bachelor of Science and Art) upon graduation, or attend second professional specialty training and pursue the second degree. Characterized by its transdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary nature, the program’s curriculum is intended to incubate the vanguard of techno art in Taiwan and make the university a pioneer in transdisciplinary art and increase its visibility in the international art scene.


The program also supports the university’s International Intercollegiate Master/ Doctoral Program (Techno Art Division). In addition to domestic students, it has attracted many foreign students, overseas Chinese students, and students from China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Setting great store by students’ knowledge of theory and their skills and abilities in developing their own works independently, its curriculum enables students to take part in international exhibitions, reconciles theory and practice, and prioritizes students’ creative autonomy.

Intl. Degree Admission: