Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art

TechArt Newtype !

This program is an interdisciplinary program focused on "Technology and Art (TechArt)" for undergraduate students. With outstanding instructors from home and abroad gathered here, we would like to recruit students with creative thinking of art and design and love for creation based on technological media, or students with creative thinking of mathematics and love for creation using new media or innovative technologies. The two kinds of students are going to provide positive stimuli for each other and bring better learning effectiveness.

Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents

The emphases among the contents of this program are laid on the "contemporary art creation in new forms" and the "important trends of international art development". The interdisciplinary specialty courses of TechArt are provided in the program, including interactive art, CG animation, computer music, sound art, digital performance, hybrid art, digital social media, maker art, bio art, innovative technologies, interactive sensing technologies, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and genetic engineering. The goal of this program is to cultivate talents such as creative professionals and researchers in the interdisciplinary field of TechArt.