Full-Time Faculty

Professor Chu-Yin Chen PhD

Office Tel.: 03-5715131#78811

Email : chen.chuyin@mx.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise:Digital art creation, creative psychology, artificial life, cognitive science, brain science, psychological phenomenology

Professor Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu PhD

Office Tel.: 03-5715131#78812

Email : aaronchiu88@gmail.com

Research expertise:New Media Art Aesthetics, Art Critic, Cinema and Television Aesthetics & Technology Culture

Assistant Professor Chuang-Wen You PhD(cv)

Office Tel.: 03-5715131#78813

Email: cwyou@mx.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise:Human-Computer Interaction、Ubiquitous Computing、Sensor Networking Systems

Assistant Professor Theresa Tsun-Hui TSAO PhD

Email : tthtsao@mx.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise:Bio-art, Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology

  Assistant Professor Theresa Cheng-Yu PAN PhD

Email : noixdarec@gmail.com

Researchexpertise:Contemporary art creation, (post) network cultural phenomenon, maps, GIS and art, myth and cyberspace


Adjunct Faculty

Name:Su-Chu Hsu Professor and Dean

Office Tel.: 03-5715131#78800

Email : suchu@mx.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise: Interactive technology art, digital cultural and creative industry, future museum, maker art and education

Name:Scotte C. C. Huang Assistant Professor

Email : scottie.c.c.huang@gmail.com

Research expertise:Bionic design, technological art, human-computer interaction, dynamic architecture, product design

Name:Sheng-Ying Pao Assistant Professor

Email : pao@gapp.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise:Life sciences, medical engineering, digital media art, forward-looking technological innovation and entrepreneurship

Name:Hung-Kuo Chu Associate Professor

Email : hkchu@cs.nthu.edu.tw

Research expertise:Human-Computer Interaction、AR/VR/MR、Smart Manipulation、Visual Perception、Shape Analysis